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Recent Testimonials

"My laptop was constantly giving mediahub exe error. I was so fed up that I was almost ready to format my hard drive and install a fresh copy of Windows Vista. I am glad that I found RegCure before taking this drastic step..It was money well spent...quite simply the best."



Thanks for fixing mediahub exe errors on my PC. I am not sure what I would have done without your amazing product. This is so cool.

Tim R.
Vancouver, BC


"Great software — Great customer service! It’s nice to deal with a company that knows what they’re doing. BTW, it fixed my mediahub problem and made my PC faster"

Gregg Geiger
Sunnyvale, CA


"Thanks for your help! I couldn’t understand why my computer was so slow. I tried getting rid of the spyware and viruses, but I still couldn’t get it running the way I wanted. RegCure made my day and my machine runs just like new. You guys are amazing!"

Kyle Thomas
Oceanside, California


"Thank you for your patience and kind assistance.

I rely quite heavily on Regcure to keep my system error free and in top condition. A very fine little tool to have."

Best wishes,



"After pulling out all my hair with the mediahub exe problems and errors, I came across your software. And boy, it worked like a charm.

I still cannot believe that a few corrupt registry entries can leave any PC unusable. But many thanks for your software. You did save me quite a few bucks."

Tom Mayer


"This software is a steal at 40 bucks. You cannot go wrong with it. Long Live RegCure."

Gina P.
Savannah, GA


"Ahhh, so it was the damn registry causing me all the grief. Thanks for fixing it bro."



"Here's a note to thank you curing my computer of all the bugs living in it; the boot time was over 5 minutes and freeze ups were very common when I was shutting down. I was one step away from taking it to the computer repair shop! I took a chance with your software after the free scan reported 1425 errors and I'm glad I did! Boot ups are now taking in less than a minute and freeze ups are a thing of the past. It's a deal at $40.

Thanks again for helping solve my computer trouble - saved me a trip to the repair shop!"

Jeremiah C.
New Brunswick, NJ

RegCure uses industry's most sophisticated technology to resolve errors on your PC. By deep scanning your hard drive and thorough analysis of your system, RegCure will resolve most PC errors, clean your system and regain your system speed by as much as 70%!

Put Your PC Back to Work For You...

Why Do I See mediahub exe Error on My Computer?

Mediahub exe belongs to Sonic DigitalMedia LE v7 program that many times come as a pre-installed audio-video program on many leading brands of PC.

For example, manufacturer such as Dell and Acer pre-install this program into their new desktop and laptop machines respectively.

Mediahub exe is also a part of the multimedia products of a sister company, Roxio. Again, this is another company whose products are used by many OEM PC vendors as a standard pre-installed program.

Error Message
Mediahub exe error checkmark Mediahub exe error
severity Mediahub exe error
Mediahub exe application error checkmark Mediahub exe application error
severity Mediahub exe application error

Since the mediahub exe belongs to a multimedia application, this error is mostly observed during audio/video playback and CD/DVD burning sometimes resulting in faulty CDs and DVDs. It is recommended that you download the latest upgrade of your software from Sonic/Roxio website


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How Do I Fix Mediahub Exe Error?

Manual Fixing

Manual fixing of EXE errors is extremely difficult even for a technical person since it involves hours of troubleshooting followed by performing safe booting of the computer, manual deletion of files, removal of corrupt registry entries, terminating background processes etc. There is also additional risk of mistakenly causing deletion of vital system files and resources leading to a non-bootable computer.

Automated Fixing using RegCure

Fortunately, using our award winning automated tool you will be able to:

  • scan your PC system for EXE errors
  • automatically fix errors
  • backup your system files
  • and keep your system error free forever

Above all, our tool will scan your system for potential problems absolutely FREE, with no obligation to purchase.

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Unique Features of Regcure

Automatic Scanning

The default option is automatic scanning which results in a deep system scan and finding all types of system & EXE errors. You will be able to monitor the progress of scan in real time.

Manual Removal and Error Correction

At the end of the scan you will have a complete list of errors with adequate explanation. You will also have the option to selectively apply the error correction routine.

Backup and Undo

Before making any changes to the system or registry files, an automatic backup will be made and you will have an option to undo the changes at a click of the mouse button.

Built in Scheduler

You will be able to schedule the program to scan your system automatically on a periodic basis to keep it error-free.

Compress/Defrag Registry

Compress and defragment your registry to realize incredible boost (up to 70%) in your system performance and speed

Manage and Cleanup Startup Programs

Have you been annoyed by programs, adwares, malwares that load itself at the system startup and waste CPU cycles and system memory? With our tool, you will have the option of removing those programs from startup routine thereby improving your system startup and shutdown times.


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  Why RegCure?

Is the PC performance you once knew now just a distant past? Has your computer become a disappointing shell of the system it used to be? Don't give up hope. All you need is RegCure!

RegCure uses the most sophisticated diagnostic system, scanning deep into your registry and system files and identifying errors and potential conflicts. Once the problems have been found, Regcure fixes the errors and restores your PC to its former glory.

If your system is giving errors or freezing or slowing down, you should not give up hope and waste hundreds of dollars buying a new system. If you do buy a new system, chances are you'll find yourself in the same boat in a few months from now. Make the smart choice and use RegCure to get rid of your PC problems once and for all.

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RegCure = Optimum Speed + Maintenance + Performance

Now you can experience the same kind of speed and performance from your PC that the experts enjoy. Scouring the registry for incomplete entries, corrupt files, disabled drivers and undesirable entries left behind by spyware, RegCure's sophisticated technology quickly and easily restores your registry to its optimum condition. Offering a versatile and comprehensive feature set, guaranteed compatibility with all Microsoft products, and free customer support, RegCure is the registry cleaner of choice by professionals and computer novices alike!

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